Men’s Fellowship

By the grace of God, the year 2014 started with the following Executive Board:

President: William Ofori Asiamah

Vice President: Billy Ankomah

Secretary: Wilson Akuamoah-Boateng

Assistant Sec. Eric Adu-Asare

Treasurer: George Amoako-Attah

Financial Sec. Evans Kofi Adu

Chaplain: Kofi Sem Dwobeng

Music Director: Gregory Labi Yirenkyi

Public Relations: Sampson Abrokwah

The first meeting of the year was held on January 18, 2014 and was chaired by the President, William Ofori Asiamah. The Vice President, Billy Ankomah was then indisposed and was absent with permission. It was noted with regret that two other Executive members, the Chaplain and the Music Director were absent at this all important meeting of the year. However, we were gratified that we had a total of 20 members in attendance.

At the beginning of the year general membership stood at about 45 but we could not confirm how many had registered because of poor record keeping by the Treasurer due to his heavy work schedule outside the church.

On February 15, 2014, the new Pastor Rev. Raymond Baah Abekah, was officially introduced to the Men’s Fellowship, by the then Session Clark, Eugene Kotey.


Throughout the year there were 11 regular general meetings and two emergency meetings. For a few general meeting days, quorum was not formed but deliberations were held. There were some meeting days that meetings were postponed because of conflict with special programs at the church.


This year we had a long list of activities on our schedule. However, we could not perform most of the activities because all our attention was drawn on “having elections and handing over office”. We spent most of our time on discussing issues concerning members rather than studying the Bible and learning songs and hymns.


By the grace of God, the Men’s Fellowship continues to offer $100.00 a month to the Church’s Children Service Snack Program. We contributed $500.00 towards the 2014 Church Annual Picnic. We had sad occasions to share sympathy with three members who were bereaved.


The Men’s Fellowship continues to have the problem of attracting new membership. This year, the problem was compounded by poor administrative procedures on the part of the Executive Board. The Treasurer could not attend meetings regularly because his daily work outside the church took him to distant places and sometimes outside the country. Consequently, on November 8, 2014, the Treasurer was made to render accounts with the help of a member of the GPC Finance Committee to the house. After a presentation of the accounts a motion was made for the acceptance of the accounting balance of $1,280.64 on paper dated July 2014. The house also agreed that the newly elected Treasurer for the year 2015 takes over the position with immediate effect.

Future Goals

We hope, by God’s grace, to continue to develop schedule of activities that will attract and sustain new member. More time will be spent on topics such as Bible Study, debates and invitation of speakers. We will have to include activities that help to develop spiritual growth among men in the church. We are going to be more serious about the way the Treasurer records dues and other cash payments. The Treasurer should issue receipts for all monies received. In addition, all cash received by the Treasurer should be deposited with the GPC Finance Committee. The Financial Secretary will have to work more closely with the Treasurer.

New Executive Board

The following are the newly elected Executive Board members:

President Billy Ankomah

Vice President Wilson Akuamoah-Boateng

Secretary Eric Adu Asare

Assistant Sec. Kwame Boateng

Treasurer Rexford Gyampim

Financial Sec. Sampson Abrokwah

Chaplain Marfo Dwobeng

Music Director Gregory Labi Yirenkyi

Public Relations Emmanuel Obuobi

The term of office for the above officers starts from January 2015 through December 2016.


It has always been our wish that all men in the church will by God’s grace become full members of the Men’s Fellowship. We wish to thank the Pastor and the Session for the opportunities made available to us in this wonderful church for men to come together in brotherhood and develop spiritual growth amongst them. It is our hope that all YAF men will mature and become members of the Men’s Fellowship.