Young People’s Guild (YPG)

Brief Group Information

The Young Peoples Guild is the youth group of the church. Membership consists of youth ages 18-35. Members graduate into YPG from Junior Youth after age 18 once they have been confirmed.

Group Membership & Group Executives Committee

Enoch Appiah Kubi – President

Rosie Banahene – Vice-President

Tina Nelson-Nkrumah – Secretary

Priscilla Aning – Assistant Secretary

Mary Boateng – Treasurer

Diana Wudom – Financial Secretary

Organizer – Herrick Asamoah

Assistant Organizer – Andrew Agbanti

Protocol Officer – Diana Dickson


The Guild has over 100 registered members and of those only a fraction come to the biweekly meetings

Group’s Activities

The Guild has biweekly meetings where we organize youth oriented activities. These include things such as bible studies, social outings, academic and career planning endeavours. We also organize and partake in Youth Week and plan the youth camp. As well, we attend the YPG national North American conference with other Ghanaian Presbyterian youth in North America.

Group’s Accomplishments

We have successfully organized and ran the youth camp since its inception. Last year, we were able to hold the youth camp in Blue Mountain, Ontario. As attested by the participants the camp was enriching to their lives.

Group’s Issues

The biggest issue facing the Guild has been getting members to attend the biweekly meetings. Efforts have been made by the executive team to let members know about the meetings. The types of discussion topics and activities have been varied to better entice more active participation.

Group’s Future Goals

Our goal for the upcoming year and beyond is to get more youth to attend the biweekly YPG meetings. We have been talking to individual members during church service to get their input as to why they do not come to the meetings.

We are also working on gap bridging programs with other church groups. We are planning collaboration programs with the Women’s and Men’s Fellowships, JY, YAF and Children’s Service.

Group’s Conclusion

Overall, YPG has had to make some changes to better adapt to the evolving needs of its members. This involved switching meetings from weekly to biweekly and changing the time of the meetings. We have also tried to engaged members on Sundays when we know that they will be in church.