Young Adults Fellowship (YAF)

Group Information

Young Adults Fellowship (YAF) is a group catering to members between the ages of 30 to 40 years.

Group Membership and Executive Committee

The group membership is approximately 60 members strong.  Within the 60 are 7 elected executives consisting of: President and Vice President, Secretary & Asst. Secretary, Financial Secretary & Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and a Chaplain

Group Activities and Accomplishments

Bi-weekly meetings

Have Bible studies and discuss social topics

Hosts of the annual church picnic

Group Issues

Poor commitment to meetings

Payment of dues

Availing ourselves for church duties

Future Goals

To gain spiritual and personal growth

To avail ourselves for church activities

To adopt and furnish the beginners (children’s) room

Groups Conclusion

To attract new members

To encourage current members to be more involved

To have Heavenly Echoes gain more exposure