The year 2014 marked the group’s 19th anniversary. Members are grateful to God for His guidance and sustaining power. As a matter of fact, the Women’s Fellowship continues to be a vibrant group within the church and membership has increased considerably. One area of growth worth mentioning is that the Women’s Fellowship is no more a group for the elderly.  

Group meetings and activities

Meetings are organized every other Saturday, between 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm to study the word of God and develop skills/knowledge for healthy Christian living in the home, church and community and above all to fellowship with one another.  Other activities include, learning inspirational songs, prayer meetings, visiting the sick/invalid, fundraising and supporting church activities.

The Women’s Fellowship was able to increase its fundraising activities in 2014.  A group of members dedicated their time to bake and sell to church members.

Furthermore, the executives were able to organize entertaining activities such as baking session; “pick and act” led by group members. There was an opportunity for members to revisit the group’s constitution which generated constructive ideas. It was noted that there was a need to review some aspects of the current by-laws in the interest of members. The group was also blessed with inspiring presentations by our Rev. Abekah and Mrs. Evelyn Abekah. Members spent time to study the scripture enhancing their faith in the Lord.  


The Women Fellowship actively participated in all church’s activities such as supporting the hospitality committee, picnics, fundraising activities and maintenance of the Manse. In addition, members were able to mobilize and recruit additional young adults into the group. Members continue to patronize a local Prayer Line teleconferencing every Tuesday from 8.00 pm to 9.00pm.

In December of 2014, the Women’s Fellowship successfully elected new executive members.

Future /goals

Going forward, the group identified a few goals which are as follows:

  • To increase  Bible study /prayer sessions in the group’s  activities
  • To motivate women in the church to join the Women’s Fellowship
  • To increase activities within the church as well as the local branch in Calgary
  • To organize multiple fundraising activities to support the group’s work
  • To  support needy individuals within the church

The group had some challenges in 2014.  For example, attendance at meetings was low towards the end of the year. This was because there were a number of church and social activities. We are optimistic that group’s executives will work out meeting schedules and alternate ways of fellowshipping together regularly throughout every year.

We pray that the Lord continue to direct, guide and bless the group through the coming year to advance His Ministry. It is our sincere desire that we live our motto each day; Momma mo akanea nhyeren’ ‘Nyehaa nye la atsoa’.