One of the most blissful groups of Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto is the Singing Band. It was the very first group formed in 1994 when the church was initially inducted. It all started when one Nana Osei Tutu, a visiting Singing Band member from Ghana arrived at the genesis of the year 1994. On September 23rd 1998, Rev. T.S. Akunor, the then resident pastor, inaugurated the group with over 20 active members upon consultation with Session members and under the constitution and bylaws of the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Ghana, and North America. Group meetings take place on Saturdays, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm to prepare for church service on Sundays and to fellowship mutually.

Membership and Executive Committee

Membership is about 45 (8 men and 37women) with only 30 being active under the directive of a strong executive committee. The following are members of the executive panel:  Francis Owusu, President, William Boateng, Secretary, Bella Ampomah, Financial Secretary & Assistant Secretary. The rest are Elizabeth Baidoo, Treasurer, Beatrice Frempomaa, PRO, Grace Dankyi, Otema, Mother, and, Joyce Kankam Badu, Chaplin and assistant PRO.

Group Activities

The Singing Band is a group that is purposely formed to sing melodious songs almost every Sunday at the Church, during offertory collection and Harvests. We prepare special songs in conformity with the preaching plan of the Church. In so doing we meet every Saturday to select songs that match the theme of the next day’s sermon not only to alleviate the day’s discourse but also to remind the congregants of what is preached and also to help spread the good news abroad. We conjoin with other singing Band Groups in North America with the bid to encouraging each other spiritually and also to learn from each other, all with a submission to spread the good news. It is overwhelming to consider the continuous opportunities there are to make our love felt for all members of the group especially in times of need and distress.  In times when a member is celebrating a Birthday, christening and or funeral, the entire group gathers around in unison to pour out our unflinching support for members.

Group Accomplishments

The Singing Band had been looking for men in the congregation to join the group for a long time now, but to no avail. At the moment though, the group can boast of about eight men as members, most of who have served as Session members in the past.  One of our biggest accomplishments is the assistance given to the preacher in getting his or her message across to the congregation by our selective songs matching the theme of the discourse. The implementation of a bi weekly 20 minute preaching plan for members has helped individuals to grow spiritually. Fasting and prayer time is inculcated into the yearly plan, also building up members to achieve their projected goals. Most members of our local executives also serve internationally as executive members on the North American Executive slat.  Our involvement in the North American Singing Band conferences has always ended up being awarded for hard work and excellence. At one time we were awarded for excellent performance at the Black History Month celebration. Our first and foremost trip to Montreal in the past is one big achievement that need not be overemphasized.  Not only was it learning experience for most of us, it was mainly a spiritual fortification for us all especially for our brothers and sisters in Montreal who had for a long time been subjugated by a number of excuses leading to a near collapse of the group that adversely affected Church to a great extent. Our group can also make mention of our participation in the formation of the North American Singing Band Union as one of the founding members. In all, we attribute all these achievements to the Lord God Almighty with whom we could have come to a zilch.

Group Issues

Stage arrangement has been a setback for us for a while now. Apparently, the church’s platform is a bit too small for us now as much as we keep growing in numbers. A petition is underway to Session so that the church would do something about it for us

Presently, our meeting venue is being used by another group on Saturday evenings almost at the same time of our meetings and this is somehow a cantankerous to an extent and that we appeal to the church to do something about it.

Future Goals

  1. To play host to our upcoming 2015 North American Union Conference here in Toronto for the first time.
  2. To visit our friends in Montreal for spiritual prop up.
  3. To have a number of men join the group from the congregation.
  4. Strictly abide by the rules of our constitution and to make amends where necessary.
  5. Work on our spiritual growth alongside the songs we learn at meeting times.
  6. Invite the organist and church Band from time to time to practice with for sheer cohesion of the songs learnt so as to familiarize ourselves in one accord.
  7. Carry out projects like fund raising services to help the group and church as well.


Our mission to love God Almighty and to love our neighbors with the bid to fostering Christian faithfulness, spirituality, commitment and devotion and also to promote LOVE and respect to all and sundry to uphold and guard members in all our endeavors . This is a decision that must involve a prayerful discernment of the band and the engaged participation of all of us and involvement of all members to love and to promote love towards one another. We take this opportunity to thank the Church Band, our music director, Mr. Korletey Sackey, Session and the entire congregation for their immense support and their unceasing prayers; and above all, we thank God the Almighty for bringing us thus far. Great is thy faithfulness and to God be the glory, Amen.




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