The following is the report from the church’s Security Committee.

Committee’s Brief Information

The Security Committee was formed during the tenure of Rev. Frank Adu. The committee has been in existence for about five to six years now.

The committee currently has seven members and they are; Р Amoako Atta, Henry Adaakwa, Vida Obenewah, Akwasi Obeng, Osei Kwadjo, and Issah Benson. Our session member Nana Yaa Yeboah was once a member of the committee.

The committee’s activity or duty is securing the premises and it’s occupants. We are able to do this with the help of our Chief Security Officer, thus God.

The committee is called to task mostly at the end of the year since it’s insertion. During 31st night of every year, we always welcome many people in and around the premises, welcoming the new year. The committee does it’s best by providing security on the premises. We are seen at the parking lot directing traffic and also making sure there is no chaos on the premises. We do all these things with our Chief Security Officer, God.

Right now we need energetic men and women to join us. The church is very large and with 7 people as security committee members is not enough. Although we have the Lord himself as the commander of the committee, remember he works through people.

Future goals for the committee is to keep on doing what we do best and that is providing security on the church premises.

In conclusion, we say that, although we the above mentioned people are there as the Church’s Security Committee members, the premises is the property of all. Let us all watch, protect and secure it.