The Ghanaian Presbyterian Church Choir is as old as the church itself.  It was formed immediately the church was established.  

The objective of the group is to glorify and praise God with heart and voice in worship.  To lead in congregational singing in the church and at other services and, to help raising the spiritual tone of the church.  To organize other activities which would raise the social, intellectual and moral attitude of members in consultation with the session.  

Let everything that breaths praise the Lord – Hallelujah! (Ps. 150:6) Let everything that breaths praise the Lord – Hallelujah! (Ps. 150:6)    

Members, executive and committee

The present leaders that oversee the progress of the choir are the Choirmaster, Brother Theophilus Awuku. Music Director Mr. Clement K. Sackey.    President, Brother Okofo-Asiedu. Secretary, Sister Grace Dampson. Treasurer, Sister Elizabeth Noagbe. The Public Relations and Welfare Officer, Brother Eric Kodua. Choir Mother, Sister Dina Dwobeng.  Organist, Brother Emmanuel Behome.  Due to her work relocation sister Joesephine Noagbe has stepped down as our custodian.  

The choir presently runs with over (50) fifty members out of which are about (30 – 35) thirty to thirty five committed members.  We rotate in our Saturday’s meetings and on Sunday’s church service due to individual members’ personal and work schedules.

Who and what we are

The duties and activities of the choir are to lead and to escort the Minister into and out the sanctuary before and after Sunday’s Church service (processing and recessing).  We meet to prepare every Saturday and to render an anthem on Sunday morning service to support and to raise the spiritual tone of the church.  We participate in all church activities such as revivals/conventions, Easter and Christmas special programs like “the Seven Words on The Cross” The nine lessons of Christ’s birth and the 31st night service.  The choir does not participate in functions by just showing up but, we inspire the congregation/audience with the talent God has bestowed on us.  We will enthusiastically sing our Presbyterian hymns or anthems by honoring every necessary invitation.  To name few are weddings, thanksgivings, funerals, naming and other.  We have been partnered with the Western Presbytery in singing, at their annual fund raising programs.  The Black history annual celebration is another function that the choir has never turned its back to; we always grace the occasion with our talents.                 


Ghanaian Presbyterian Toronto choir is proud to be an inspirational and a role model to the North American Presbyterian Choirs Union (GAPUNA).  Our sister choirs look up to us due to our spirit of enthusiasm in inspiring our audience with our singing. Our friendly hospitality and are also noted service whenever we are together weather here at home or away from home.  We’ve been humbly proud to be crowned winner on several occasions at our conferences’ Bible quiz.  The choir has also won the heart of our Toronto community.  Due to our dedication and hard work in the community we were recognized as one of the outstanding community members and every individual member were awarded with the “Black History Month Award in 2014, presented by the committee organizers of the Black History awareness and the House Of Commons Honorable Judy A. Sgro, Member of Parliament – York West.    

We are blessed and proud to announce of the six new members who join us in the year 2014 only.    The group was able to donate fund in supporting of other groups in the church during their conferences and or anniversaries. The choir once again is proud in successfully leading the church for its 2014 annual harvest.  Last but not the least, the group’s dynamic has not change despite the fact that members seem to agree to disagree on certain issues.  We always join in singing to the glory of the Lord and, this is the greatest accomplishment we will always live by we were also able to help members who are in need financially.


“And let us be concern about one another in order to promote love and good works ….” Heb. 10:24a.

The group is still struggling with its members’ commitment and its weekly meetings attendance. These inconsistency behaviors bring challenges to both the music leaders in teaching songs and the learners as well.  Members are also struggling to understand one another.  The demonstration of openness and brotherly love are not evident; which I believe, that all members are praying and hoping for God’s grace, so we will be one and that, we can interact gracefully and honestly.  The group has still yet not accomplished its vision of getting the youth in the church involve.  In addition, the choir still need a custodian who will tend and care for robs and outfits.    

Group’s future goals

“…so that you do not forget the things ….or let them slip from your heart.  Teach them to your children and to their children after them (Deut. 8: 9b)” “Teach them the decrees and laws, and show them the way to live and the duties they are to perform, (Ex. 18: 20).  

It is true that with God’s grace we have gain six new members in the past year, yet since the bible requires us to pass on the legacy of Christ’s life to our children, the youth are still our priority.  Our heart is yeaning to get our children involve, to engage them with encouragement and support in singing.  We are truly confident that God will give an answer to our prayers to fulfill our CD lunching vision as well.  Another important is to begin and to end all our meets with the word of God and quarterly fasting and prayer for the group and its members.  We wanted and needed this to be a habit.  

In conclusion with all our achievements and accomplishments, we still believe that we have not reached our best possible potentials yet.  We are aiming to reach a standard where our singing will rock the stage with or without a lead conductor.  Wishing to foster an environment that welcomes, accepts and to promote sense of belonging to all.  

In due saying, we welcome suggestions, supports, encouragements and mostly prayers from the session and the other groups so we can reach to the goal and the purpose of which God has called us.  It will also be a blessing to the group to receive visits from our elders; this will give our authorities the insight of how the choir is run.  We invite those who want to sing with heart to come share the spring of a spiritual joy in glorifying God’s name in hymnals and anthems.

“A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, A bulwark never failing; our helper He amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing”   Martin Luther (1483-1546)