Church band among all other singing groups, promotes spirituality through song ministration. The group leads the entire congregation into the presence of God through inspirational gospel songs. The group continues to meet every Saturday at 5:30pm to 7:30pm to rehearse for praises and adoration the following morning.

Numerical Strength

The group consists of 33 members made up of 17 singers, 10 instrumentalists and the remaining audio visual.  

List of executive Leaders

Eric Appiah-Agyei (Leader)

Emmanuel Behome (Assistant Leader)

Belinda Ahoni (Secretary)

Ernest Owusu (Protocol Officer)

Joe Baffour (Chaplin)


Church band maintains its involvement in all church activities which included a revival program in May with Evangelist Asare; a revival in November with Reverend Rexford Asamoah Prah; and Christmas carols night in December.  What is more, we ministered at all the weddings that took place throughout the year. We also ministered in the Congregational retreat at Nobletonm in August.


  1. Organizing a Praise and Worship Night
  2. Engaging in External gigs.(Gospel Musical Programs)


Through Christ who strengthens us, we are able to deliver our maximum support to the church throughout the yearly activities and programs. Early in the year, we were engaged by the International Women’s Conference with inspirational Praise and adorations. The group organized a Praise and Adoration Night during the Church 20th anniversary.

Church band continues to unify and edify the group by meeting to rehearse on church premises on a weekly basis.  We have been successful at this through the help of God Almighty.



Commitment seems to be a major problem this year.  Besides that, Sister Jenifer Asare and Sister Portia Afful relocated to Calgary on a permanent basis.


  1. Lateness and Punctuality has been the group’s problem both on Saturdays and Sundays
  2. Advance Notice required prior to all church activities and programs so we can plan.
  3. Congestion around the band stage due to too many microphone cables

(Cordless microphones required)


On behalf of the group, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Pastor and the session and the entire congregation for supporting the group.

Overall this group has been successful in its accomplishments with the help of God.  We entreat that God will keep on strengthening us for his office.  We have confidence that this account will help you to better comprehend the potency and limitation of church band.